Our Goal: Manage risk. Don’t chase performance.


Our Philosophy: Real life, long term investment results have less to do with investment returns and more to do with Investor behavior. We build portfolios that you are comfortable with and understand, to help you stay the course and retire in confidence.


Our Mission Statement: Providing extraordinary service is our highest calling. We believe serving the needs of others is a privilege and we greet each opportunity with enthusiasm and gratitude. We strive for excellence in every interaction and view each one as a chance to surpass expectations. Our primary purpose of service to others will, at all times, reflect our best efforts, attitude, and value, as well as our commitment to the highest standards of personal character and integrity. To lead is to serve.


Our Process: We use a four-step process:

  1. Assess – You and I conduct a financial survey of your current state. Together we’ll establish your risk tolerance and discuss your goals.
  2. Analyze – We review the data collected and propose a roadmap to achieving your goals. Your understanding of the “what’s” and “why’s” is key.
  3. Implement – With an agreed upon strategy, we will take the proper steps toward managing the financial risk in your life and helping you achieve your financial goals.
  4. Monitor, maintain, and adjust – As life changes, so do your needs. We’ll keep an eye on our strategy and, together, navigate the changes life and the markets have for us.